Puglia Viva

The Producers

The producers' organization (PO), regarding the fruit and vegetable sector, is recognized as a strategic tool by the European Commission according to Article 125 ter of Regulation (EC) no. 1234/2007, which aims at the collective action of producers and the necessity for farms to improve production, management, and marketing, promoting a fair and efficient agri-food system.

The POs have proved to be a great opportunity for farmers to add value to commercial activities, thanks to the sharing of investments to secure larger market entry and security in payments. Our PO PugliaViva collaborates and produces with passion, works on a common purpose to foster the fusion and the spread of new and sustainable cultivation practices, as so to offer safe and outstanding quality products.

PugliaViva's staff is shaped by qualified managers, trained in essential areas for the achievement of fair cooperation.Our sales manager Vito Romagno, deals with product sales management, coordinating the production with customer requests.