Puglia Viva


Pugliaviva farmers love their job and their land, which they look after with care and determination to produce the best grapes to select for you.


Common goal, collaboration and better work management to ensure larger market entry and payment security.


Work enthusiasts, in love with our land, our Puglia, committed to guaranteeing excellent quality products.


Different varieties of table grapes, with or without seeds, excellent quality, high brix value and crunchy consistency.

Fruit and vegetables

First choice fruit and vegetables, fresh, clean and packaged, ready to be eaten and tasted.

Puglia Viva

The Company

PugliaViva, an agricultural consortium company a.r.l., was born in 2012 from the will and passion of a producers' organization (PO) linked by the need to collaborate with each other to ensure products of excellent quality, food safety and development, obtained from the fertile areas of the south-east of Bari. The Puglia Viva producers, with their 520 hectares located in the province of Bari and Taranto, offer different and tasty varieties of table grapes, collaborating on their production enhancement, helping to reduce transaction costs and trying to market their products to the best.

Our PO PugliaViva, since 2019, has been recognized as licensee by Grapa company limited ("Grapa"), a Californian company and holder of the licenses of all varieties of ARRA ™ table grapes, for the cultivation and marketing of the ARRA 30 variety ( ARRA Sugar Drop ™), renowned for its excellent fertility, elongated shape, light colour and sweet taste.

The Producers

Discover our PO

A PO arises from the need of several companies to have a common goal, a common vision to boost productivity, consumption and competitiveness in the fruit and vegetable sector and, at the same time, strengthen the position of products on the market and reduce the impact on the environment with sustainable and innovative systems.

In the world of agriculture, “unity makes strength”, joining represents the best way to introduce itself in the labour market with greater competitiveness and greater contractual power, reducing both the risks and the costs for the companies.

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