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About Us

Puglia Viva

PugliaViva, an agricultural consortium company a.r.l., was born in 2012 from the will and passion of a producers' organization (PO) united by the need to collaborate with each other to guarantee products of excellent quality.


Common goal, collaboration and better work management to ensure bigger market entry and payment security.


Determined to secure fine quality products as they love working, love our land, our Puglia.


Different sorts of table grapes of excellent quality - seeded or seedless, high brix value and crunchy texture.

Fruit and Vegetables

First-rate fruit and vegetables that are fresh, clean, packaged, and ready to eat.


Producers' organization

Puglia Viva producers, with their 520 hectares located in the province of Bari and Taranto, offer different and tasty varieties of table grapes, collaborating on the production enhancement, helping to reduce transaction costs and trying to market their products to the best.

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Table Grapes

Many properties in a single grain

Strengthens the heart

Rich in antioxidant and restorative properties, it protects our body, strengthens the cardiovascular system and thins the blood, helping to prevent disease.


With its nutritional properties, grapes are the most energetic and stimulating fruit, perfect for children and the elderly.


Rich in simple sugars and diuretic properties, it is the most suitable to be included in a low-calorie diet to detoxify and purify the body, promoting the loss of excess fluids.


The increase in quality with a lower environmental impact, from irrigation to pruning, to improve productivity.


One more element

The entire plant of the PO PugliaViva covers an area of 1800 square meters, consisting of the processing room with 4 lines that deal with the transport, packaging and storage of the products and a refrigeration department, the temperature abatement equipment and areas dedicated to the long-life packaging conservation technique to guarantee the freshness of our products.

We present the PO

We are ready to describe it

A PO arises from the need of several companies to have a common goal, a common vision to boost productivity, consumption and competitiveness in the fruit and vegetable sector and, at the same time, strengthen the position of products on the market and reduce the impact on the environment with sustainable and innovative systems.

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